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Your Nonprofit is a Business

Your Nonprofit is a Business

You want some good, bland insurance advice for nonprofits?

I’m happy to oblige!

Remember:  You’re a business

Protect your assets just as if nobody would give you an extra quarter should the proverbial junk hit the fan. No Facebook campaigns. No calling all the donors for emergency funds.

Think in terms using your manpower to continue your important work, not diverging to an emergency capital campaign.

So the advice…

When you set your limits for your property,  be honest about how much it would cost to replace your stuff in 2 or 3 trips to the right stores.

Just a suggestion and something to consider. Just consider the man hour costs if you have to divert their attention from normal roles to beating bushes for funds to supplement an insurance payment. Property premiums are pretty low in comparison (I would think). An additional $100 might buy you an additional $20,000 in coverage (depending).

Have a great weekend!


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