Why I Like Helping Nonprofits Find Insurance

Look at this list of large nonprofits ‘doing the stuff’ for Hurricane Sandy relief.

I know all manner of individuals are volunteering their time, even taking vacation days, to help these organizations do their work in the hurricane ravaged areas.

But it is the service-focused nonprofit that is leading the charge to facilitate recovery.

Nonprofits – Big and Small

Most of our clients aren’t quite that big, but they still form the front lines to help people (or animals) in need. It’s fun–sometimes inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking–to get to step behind the curtain and see these nonprofits at work in their communities.

It’s an awesome thing to hear a committed nonprofit executive share his or her vision.

We work with organizations that, on both large and small scales do the following:

  • Provide housing and counseling for foster teens.
  • Provide mentoring and after school programs for at-risk youth.
  • Provide residential care for adults with severe developmental disabilities.
  • Provide tools for loan to other charitable organizations.
  • Place children in foster homes and with adoptive families.
  • Provide opportunities for hobbyists to pursue their interests.
  • Provide support and training for at-risk families.
  • Provide safe places for youth and women suffering from domestic violence.
  • Provide emergency financial, food, and clothing assistance to help prevent family homelessness.

Pockets of Hope

Most of these organizations are small pockets of hope dotted throughout Georgia and the southeast (in our case).

They are often complicated risks. Sometimes ‘nonprofit’ is an extremely accurate description. But in the end, working with them and helping them protect their organizations is a constant reminder and call to battle complacency and stretch into uncomfortable situations from time to time.

That’s why I like helping nonprofits find insurance.

Thanks to the organizations on the ground up and down the east coast helping people who have lost an awful lot–in some cases, everything. Blessings to you.



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