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What is Your Mission?

What is Your Mission?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I do as an insurance person.

I sell paper that represents a promise to pay the purchaser of that paper a certain amount of money should certain types of bad things occur.

Recently, another of my ilk said that he sells “Future Money”.  If, at some point in the future, the cyclone tears up  your building or you accidentally cause something bad to happen and the insurance policy doesn’t exclude the loss, then you should get access to funds to help you out – to either rebuild your building, replace your stuff, or defend you.

That’s what we do. We try to identify your risks and match those risks to available insurance products.

My mission, then, is to help ease the fall should something horrible happen.  I’ve tried to slogan it: “I help protect your vision.”  That feels like it works because if you’re reading this post on the Nonprofit Insurance Blog, you probably work with or for or lead a nonprofit or for profit social service organization.

You are driven by a vision. You are driven by a mission. My job is to help you protect those things, to keep you on your feet so you can continue to serve your clients or consumers or children or elderly or students or patrons that depend on you.

That’s my mission. My mission is to protect your vision (admittedly, my slogan could be mistaken for an optometrist’s slogan, but we’ll go with it for now).

What’s your mission? What’s your vision? What is the single motivating factor behind the work you do?

I’d love to hear about what drives you in the comments below. Whether you’re a nonprofit, a small business owner, or just a person who somehow found this tiny corner of the web: What is it that spurs you on to do the things you do, day in and day out?


  1. Our mission as an Insurance broker is to work for you —–our customer,
    by providing you with outstanding customer service and find you the
    lowest prices possible.


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