Volunteers and Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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It’s amazing what you discover when you actually read an insurance policy.

Did you know that on most nonprofit directors and officers liability policies, volunteers are considered insured individuals?

They are either included under the definition of insured individual or they are included under the definition of employee who are then included under the definition of insured.

And we’re not only talking about volunteer board members. If an individual who volunteers for an organization is named
In a lawsuit that would be addressed by the D&O policy, then that individual would have defense and coverage under the policy.

Make sense? If not, feel free to ask any clarifying question in the comments. I’m trying my hand at a smartphone blog post, so I’m not going to dive too deep.

But the concept is simple: D&O policies for nonprofits aren’t only for Ds and Os. It’s worth your time to read your policy to see what and who it covers and what and who it does not cover.

These policy features can be a resource to help recruit quality volunteers.


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