Insurance is for things we can’t predict:

  1. The weather
  2. People
  3. Our health
  4. The legal climate

Storms, dumb decisions (or interpersonal conflicts that squeeze out the worst in us), the random disease that no one saw coming, or a jury of our peers or some new statue (which, I suppose, goes back to the unpredictability of people).

Various types of insurance are intended to address these unpredictable parts of life.

Neither you nor I can prepare for or predict every possible thing that might happen.

We do our best to manage as much risk as possible and then we try to find the best and strongest net to put under it all.

What are the things that are most unpredictable in your nonprofit or business?

What are you doing to manage that unpredictability? What best practices, risk management, or insurance do you have in place to address those things?

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