The Unexpected

Nope. I’m not talking about the unexpected claim that you need to consider when thinking about insurance.

I’m not talking about worst case scenarios or random acts of inexplicable cruelty.

I’m talking about being the source of The Unexpected. I’m talking about being a leader. I’m talking about turning your day on its head and doing something completely out-of-character (in a good way).

 The Unexpected Acts of a Leader

What can you as a nonprofit leader do for your staff, volunteers, or clients/consumers/students that is completely unexpected? How can you wow them today?

Write down 10 things.  Take 20 minutes, and let your brain run wild. If you blow past 10, keep going.

Pick one thing.

Do that one thing today… for your team, for a person on your team, for a board member, for a donor, for a partner organization, for your spouse, for a client.

Practice this exercise. Do it once a week until you can’t help but look out for opportunities to do The Unexpected.

People follow those who can tap into areas of their world that surprise them.

Give it a shot. Let me know how things turn out.

By the way, an organization that has fun together, manages risk much, much better – because everybody cares that much more.

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Here you go… something fun, unexpected, random. It’s not a huge deal, but stuff like this matters over time (I’m referring to this YouTube video here:

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