The Nonprofit’s Guide to Insurance – How to Protect Your Vision

What Insurance Can’t Do

First, your vision is your vision. Your nonprofit’s mission is extremely personal . It drives you to serve and educate.  It sometimes even forms the way you view your world and the way you interact with those who have nothing to do with your work.

The only way you can truly protect your vision is by living out your mission.  You protect it by acting on it and sharing it. Your vision grows as you exercise it and stretch it.

Before I jump into the wonderfully exciting world of insurance, I wanted to make sure that you and I were on the same page:

Your vision is yours and it’s up to you to keep it alive.

How Insurance Can Help

All insurance folks can do is to help you identify the people and things that are vital to that vision and connect you to insurance products that will best protect those people and things.

It’s like playing one of those matching games back when you were a little kid. Connecting ‘Mammal’ to ‘Rabbit’ with a line and then ‘Reptile’ to ‘Snake’ with a different line.

Here we connect ‘Volunteer’ to any number of products that help protect that volunteer, from liability to protect her and you in case of charges of negligence to accident insurance to protect that volunteer in case she gets injured while giving you a hand.

Over time, this blog will give you some knowledge to take back to your insurance professional. It will introduce you to some of the language that we insurance people use. I hope it will clarify the things you need to protect and how best to protect them.  Perhaps it will give you insight on how to budget for insurance.

In the end, while insurance can be a stressful item, it can also help you destress. Once you get the coverages in place that you know you need, you should feel a little better. Even if it takes up a bit more in your budget than you wish it did, it should give you comfort.

Best to you as you enter the year 2013. May you accomplish your complete things you started, accomplish new goals, and, even more importantly, stop doing stuff that has nothing to do with your vision.

Please Help Me Help You

Please leave a comment: What are some insurance questions you have? What topics, items, etc. are particularly difficult for you to navigate?


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