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Volunteers and Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Click here if you’d like a D&O Insurance Quote Indication It’s amazing what you discover when you actually read an insurance policy. Did you know that on most nonprofit directors and officers liability policies, volunteers are considered insured individuals? They are either included under the definition of insured individual or they are included under the […]

Volunteers and General Liability Insurance

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If you are a nonprofit, you most likely depend on the kindness of volunteers to make your organization strong. I personally sit on the board of small nonprofit. I sometimes help teach children at my church. I give to a few organizations. ┬áIt’s important to know how those to whom I’m offering my time and […]

Nonprofit Insurance and Volunteers

I get a lot of questions about insurance coverage for volunteers. Typically, my client simply asks, “Are my volunteers covered?” Normally the answer is “Yes” … and “No.” The appropriate follow up question to “Are my volunteers covered?” is simply this: “Are you concerned about coverage for injuries to volunteers or coverage on behalf of […]

Workers Compensation Insurance for Nonprofits

I’m glad Google or Bing directed you here! Workers comp can be a confusing topic and a difficult type of policy to find for a nonprofit. If you have questions that this post doesn’t answer, please reach out. My contact information is on my about page. We are licensed in most states and have access […]