On Veterans Day: In Appreciation of Paid Volunteers

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11th, regardless of what day that is. ┬áThe date is significant because it represents the day, in 1918, that the fighting ceased in World War I. It was hoped that that date would represent the end of all wars. At that time, no one could imagine a […]

An Insurance Post on Memorial Weekend NOT about Grilling Safety…

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…or 5 ways to keep your home safe and claims free during Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day and Insurance Blogs In all honesty, 3 day weekends are an incredible opportunity for insurance bloggers – your favorite type of blogger, no doubt. We could discuss how to keep your home safe from opportunistic thieves and neighborhood […]

Why I Like Helping Nonprofits Find Insurance

Look at this list of large nonprofits ‘doing the stuff’ for Hurricane Sandy relief. I know all manner of individuals are volunteering their time, even taking vacation days, to help these organizations do their work in the hurricane ravaged areas. But it is the service-focused nonprofit that is leading the charge to facilitate recovery. Nonprofits […]