Risk Management Resource: Your Insurance Application

If you are a nonprofit or for profit human services organization, you will more than likely have to go through an elaborate application process. If you’re been placed with one of the popular insurance markets for nonprofits, you’ve stared at an insurance application that is at least 6 pages long, sometimes up to 20 pages […]

Bee Stings, House Fires, and Unintended Consequences

Have you ever been so focused on┬ásolving one problem that you completely overlook how your solution will end up creating an even worse problem? Me neither (ahem). Hopefully the bees are gone, at least When I read this story about a homeowner’s attempt to rid his yard of bees via hot burning coals, I couldn’t […]

A Resource on Fire Prevention: National Fire Protection Association

A lot of our work with nonprofits focuses on liability insurance and liability related risk management. When you’re in the human services fields, you often have a few additional exposures to liability losses than run of the mill businesses. That said, you are just as likely to have a fire loss as any other business. […]

The Unexpected

Nope. I’m not talking about the unexpected claim that you need to consider when thinking about insurance. I’m not talking about worst case scenarios or random acts of inexplicable cruelty. I’m talking about being the source of The Unexpected. I’m talking about being a leader. I’m talking about turning your day on its head and […]

What Daddy-Daughter Date Night Taught Me about Risk Management

As I sat across the table from my beautiful little girl in all her sweet, yet slightly hyper, glory, I considered the gravity of what I was doing. Sure it was a simple meal of chicken nuggets, fries, and ice cream, but it was much, much more than that. It was connection. It was deep […]

Risk is Good

Sometimes we insurance agents focus on potential dangers, hazards, risks, and exposures to loss way too much. It’s our job and you hire us to do just that, but we can lose focus on greater issues by focusing simply on possible losses. I was in an insurance company’s agent advisory council meeting some time ago […]