5 Reasons Why Your Volunteer-Only Nonprofit Needs Employment Practices Liability

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Nonprofit management liability insurance usually includes two coverages: Directors and officers liability (D&O) Employment practices liability (EPLI) Many small nonprofits are volunteer-led or use only 1099 contracted employees to do their work. Consequently, I have had this conversation often (or some version of it): Nonprofit: We don’t have employees. We don’t need employment practices liability insurance. Take […]

The History of Insurance (and what we can learn from it)

An (Extremely) Brief History of Insurance You can go to Wikipedia or the stacks at your local university if you want a ton of detail Some of the first hints of insurance trace back to ye olde Babylonia, China, and other ancient cultures (BC era). In Athens, they’d get loans for their cargo and pay […]

To Sustain, You Must Sustain

I loved this Tweet  from Gayle Gifford, nonprofit consultant and strategist with Cause & Effect, where she quotes Ron Finley about sustainability (the video is a great Ted Talk, too – go check it out): Ron Finley: Funny thing about sustainability, you've got to sustain it. http://t.co/Xc2NHrmUue — Gayle L. Gifford (@gaylegifford) April 30, 2014 The TED […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

May I be honest with you? My tagline, “Helping You Protect Your Vision,” is intentionally vague. Obviously, insurance helps you protect the operations, people, and property that are necessary to accomplishing your mission as a nonprofit or a for-profit human services corporation. The truth is that risk hides in all kinds of places. It hides […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

Does it not seem that the Ice Bucket Challenge happened like 3 years ago already? So strange. It was an amazing viral fundraising phenomenon. My expertise isn’t fundraising or board management. but both of those efforts are absolutely vital to protecting the vision of your nonprofit. The links below hit on board retention, board’s involvement […]