Does Your Nonprofit Need Workers Compensation Quotes?

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I very, very seldom directly pitch my services. That said, there is an overwhelming number of searches around workers compensation that lead readers here. Normally, those searches end at my main article about workers comp for nonprofits. If you’re not simply looking for information, but you are […]

6 Keys to Keeping Workers Compensation Costs Low(er) for Your Nonprofit

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Don’t you wish workers compensation would just take care of itself? It’s a pain. I know it is. But I’m here for you and will walk you through some workers comp purchasing tips for nonprofits. Here are some keys to establishing your coverage in such a way to give you the best chance to lower […]

5 Reasons Small Nonprofits Should Seriously Consider Workers Compensation

Insurance purchases for small nonprofits are often driven by contractual or some other requirement. One of the final coverages to make its way into a nonprofit’s risk management plan is workers compensation. ¬†Unfortunately, it can be one of the most expensive coverages, but it can also represent protection against even greater expenses. Why small 501c3s […]

4 Common Reasons Nonprofits Avoid Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is often the last coverage a small nonprofit purchases. While insurance in general is a very uncomfortable expense for startup nonprofits, workers compensation reflects one of the most avoided coverages of all. Why 501c3s wait to buy workers compensation I’ve been given a lot of reasons why a nonprofit won’t purchase workers compensation. […]