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Nonprofit Management

Why Should Donors Give to ANY Nonprofit Organization?

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It’s a strange question, but it’s potentially a powerful one.  I’m reading a sales book by John Jantsch called Duct Tape Selling (affiliate link). He encourages salespeople to challenge a potential client with the question, “Why choose anything?” (to solve the problem that the salesperson’s product solves). The normal question we (salesfolks) challenge prospects with […]

To Sustain, You Must Sustain

I loved this Tweet  from Gayle Gifford, nonprofit consultant and strategist with Cause & Effect, where she quotes Ron Finley about sustainability (the video is a great Ted Talk, too – go check it out): Ron Finley: Funny thing about sustainability, you've got to sustain it. — Gayle L. Gifford (@gaylegifford) April 30, 2014 The TED […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

May I be honest with you? My tagline, “Helping You Protect Your Vision,” is intentionally vague. Obviously, insurance helps you protect the operations, people, and property that are necessary to accomplishing your mission as a nonprofit or a for-profit human services corporation. The truth is that risk hides in all kinds of places. It hides […]

Risk Management Resource: Your Insurance Application

If you are a nonprofit or for profit human services organization, you will more than likely have to go through an elaborate application process. If you’re been placed with one of the popular insurance markets for nonprofits, you’ve stared at an insurance application that is at least 6 pages long, sometimes up to 20 pages […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

Does it not seem that the Ice Bucket Challenge happened like 3 years ago already? So strange. It was an amazing viral fundraising phenomenon. My expertise isn’t fundraising or board management. but both of those efforts are absolutely vital to protecting the vision of your nonprofit. The links below hit on board retention, board’s involvement […]

What Are the Core Problems that You Solve?

It’s easy to try to be everything for everybody. Large companies do it. Small companies do it. Nonprofits do it. For-profits do it. But in order to serve your mission in your community, in order to be the best in your world at what you do, you cannot be everything for everybody. It’s simply impossible. […]