The Balance Needed to Protect Your Nonprofit’s Vision

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Most nonprofits have to balance many, many priorities and obligations, especially if they have Medicaid contracts or contracts with the state’s Department of Family and Children Services or the Department of Juvenile Justice. Between raising funds and doing the work and protecting the people you serve and protecting the employees and volunteers who help you do […]

Do You Bail Your People Out? Rescue Management Diminishes Employee Accountability

The following is a guest post by John R. Stoker, author of the new book Overcoming Fake Talk. The post was originally published on FEBRUARY 26, 2014 at Do You Bail Your People Out? Rescue Management Diminishes Employee Accountability I recently had a VP tell me that she had assigned one of her directors […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

It boggles my mind that I can’t find insurance-based links for nonprofit leaders to love. Outside of my own ridiculously good prose, it’s hard to find risk management specifically for nonprofits. And why should I tell you if I did find it? I’m a paranoid insurance agent. You need to come back here for your […]

How to End the Year Well

Regardless of your thoughts about the effectiveness of New Years’ resolutions, most of us want to better ourselves and the organizations we work with, whether for profit or nonprofit. Personally, we want our careers to progress. We want to develop deeper wisdom. We want to cultivate stronger relationships. We want our health to improve. We […]

Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Insurance

A nonprofit’s insurance program needs a quality board. And a quality board needs a quality insurance program. Here are a few observations from my discussions with nonprofits: Board members are extremely paranoid. Board members are not at all paranoid Board members don’t mind spending money if they perceive value Board members select the cheapest option, […]

Book Review: The Heart of Leadership

The more I work with nonprofits and the more I engage in some of the decision-making processes at my insurance agency, the more I realize this: Leadership is displayed in a wide variety of contexts, but good leaders share similar traits. The visions and missions might be different, but the stuff of a good leader […]