Why Nonprofit Boards Should Consider General or Professional Liability (at least)

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One of the biggest misconceptions¬†in insurance for nonprofits is this: The directors and officers are fully covered by a directors and officers liability policy. Here are examples of types of claims excluded under a D&O policy: Bodily injury claims Property damage claims Errors and omissions claims (i.e. professional liability claims for counseling, mentoring, case management, […]

Do I Need Insurance for My Nonprofit?

This will be a very short post to answer a very common question, especially from small, startup nonprofits. There are three questions that are often behind this question: Question 1: We are a nonprofit – can anybody really sue us? The answer to this question: Yes, they can. And they do. There’s no ‘Good Samaritan’ […]

Overlooked Insurance Coverage for Small Nonprofits

My job as an advisor is always to educate an insured on the importance of a variety of insurance policies. Sometimes, though, regardless of my attempts and explanation, a client might think I’m just trying to unnecessarily super-size a value meal. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, ‘There’s no way that […]