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A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization?

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  A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization?  Have you ever stepped back from your work and decided to slay all sacred cows? If you were tasked to kill all programs and processes and start from scratch, which programs would you resurrect? Which activities truly serve your mission and vision? For that matter, which […]

Book Review: Leaders Open Doors

Bill Treasurer just released a 2nd edition of his wonderful book ‘Leaders Open Doors’. Below is the book review I wrote in May of 2013. The new edition contains an additional epilogue of stories from influential leaders who had doors opened for them – and are out opening doors for others today.  ——————————————— In December […]

Do You Bail Your People Out? Rescue Management Diminishes Employee Accountability

The following is a guest post by John R. Stoker, author of the new book Overcoming Fake Talk. The post was originally published on FEBRUARY 26, 2014 at Do You Bail Your People Out? Rescue Management Diminishes Employee Accountability I recently had a VP tell me that she had assigned one of her directors […]

Learning to Reverse Spiraling Conversations

The other morning, I was attempting to get my 5 year old ready for kindergarten. It wasn’t easy. And our communication soon spiraled out of control. He’s not much of a morning person, and he suffers from an inability to decide what cereal he wants for breakfast. He was a bit more ornery than usual […]

What Are the Core Problems that You Solve?

It’s easy to try to be everything for everybody. Large companies do it. Small companies do it. Nonprofits do it. For-profits do it. But in order to serve your mission in your community, in order to be the best in your world at what you do, you cannot be everything for everybody. It’s simply impossible. […]

4 Tricks to Keep You Focused on Your Destination

Do your accomplishments, come Friday, look a lot different than what you envisioned on Monday? You had a destination in mind on Monday. You sat down and said something like this: “This week will be different. I will get get things done. I will accomplish my goals. This week will be productive. I can do […]