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Bee Stings, House Fires, and Unintended Consequences

Have you ever been so focused on solving one problem that you completely overlook how your solution will end up creating an even worse problem? Me neither (ahem). Hopefully the bees are gone, at least When I read this story about a homeowner’s attempt to rid his yard of bees via hot burning coals, I couldn’t […]

A Resource on Fire Prevention: National Fire Protection Association

A lot of our work with nonprofits focuses on liability insurance and liability related risk management. When you’re in the human services fields, you often have a few additional exposures to liability losses than run of the mill businesses. That said, you are just as likely to have a fire loss as any other business. […]

Creating a Culture of Care

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Nonprofits are businesses on a mission, usually driven by a heart to care for people, a cause, or some type of non-human creature. The nonprofit might be a conduit of funds, a hands-on mental health provider, a school, a sports organization, or an arts and culture organization, but at the core, there is a deep passion for […]

You Cannot Prepare for Everything

My face was torn up with poison ivy. I helped a friend remove a tree that had fallen into his backyard, knocking out a few panels of his fence. About half-way through, I noticed the three leaves of death. The main tree (a pine) was wrapped tightly within three huge, woody trunk-like vines. Those vines […]

Psychics and Insurance

What insurance coverages do you need? I really don’t know. Typically, you’ll need the kind that will cover a claim that you will have some time in the future. That’s the tough part: Predicting claims. A psychic would make a killer insurance agent. Since most of us are a few visions short of a Nostradamus, […]

Risk Management and Home Improvement

Risk management is like doing a home project for the first time. You can plan and ask tons of questions at a Home Depot class for DIYers, but until you start painting that room or laying that tile, you won’t know just exactly how paint can drip onto the carpet or furniture or splatter if […]