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Insurance for Nonprofits

What Do You Want Your Insurance To Do For You?

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  Let me guess… Pay claims when called upon to do so. Be inexpensive. Be easily understood. Be simple to deal with. Those four are universal desires from my insurance clients. But let’s dig a little deeper and take those four off the table.  What do you want your insurance program to do for you? Why buy insurance […]

The Importance of Screening Employees and Volunteers

Hire Slow, Fire Fast One of the biggest struggles for any business, much less nonprofit organizations, is finding quality employees and volunteers. This difficulty can result in cutting corners during the hiring process. One of my favorite principles is ‘hire slow, fire fast.’ Nowhere is this principle more useful than with human service nonprofits. Your nonprofit […]

Your Healthcare Nonprofit, Data Breach, and Mobile

The Case of the Missing Laptop According to Redspin, a Healthcare IT Security Firm, the most common cause of private health information (PHI) data breaches is the loss or theft of a laptop or other mobile computing device (35% vs. 22.1% by ‘unauthorized access’). The Redspin report released in February of 2014 voices concerns that one […]

Applying for Insurance as a Brand New, Volunteer-Led Nonprofit?

My insurance agency is unique in that we can handle clients that pay nearly $1,000,000 in premium while also being able to take care of brand new start-up, shoe-string budget businesses. Many of the start-up, shoe-string budget businesses happen to be nonprofits that flow through my department (there are about six agents that work with […]

How Much Time Will It Take for My Nonprofit to Get an Insurance Quote? (Part 1)

At Least One Month The quick and dirty answer is that you are best served to give your agent 1 month to develop an insurance proposal for your nonprofit. Too many new nonprofits leave the insurance to the last minute. The home and auto insurance industries have trained buyers to expect a 15 minute turnaround. […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: General Liability

This is the first installment of an occasional series based off of our nonprofit insurance team’s coverage checklist. The coverages are not necessarily in order of importance or likelihood of claim. Please consult your insurance professional (or reach out to me) to discuss your particular situation. General liability (GL) is a basic business insurance coverage. […]