How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit Step 9: Review & Discuss

We’re in the home stretch of our series ‘How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit.’  Step 8, chronologically, goes hand in hand with today’s step 9.  It might even be more appropriate to switch them. But it’s my blog and I make the rules, so reviewing and discussing the proposal is step 9 of the […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Step 8: Negotiate

After engaging an agent and applying for coverage, you will start the review and negotiation processes. I hesitated about putting ‘negotiate’ before ‘review’. The two really go hand in hand, time-wise. You will review and discuss with your advisers and board members and intermittently dial in the numbers, policy provisions, and other details through negotiating […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Steps 6 & 7: Connect with an Agent and Apply

In an effort to save you some reading time (and to move on to more exciting insurance topics), I decided to knock out Steps 6 and 7 in one post.  The previous posts in the series can be found under ‘How to Buy Insurance for Nonprofits’ (see menu above) Step 6: Connect with an Agent […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Step 5: Research Insurance Companies

Steps 1-3 were all about identifying your exposures: Your operational exposures, your human exposures, and your property exposures. Steps 4 and 5 are about finding researching potential providers.  In step 4, we discussed finding agents that specialize in insurance for nonprofits or for-profit social service organizations. In this post, we’ll talk about researching and identifying […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Step 4: Research Agents

After developing your lists – your activities, your people, and your things (in insurance lingo, these are your ‘exposures), I encourage you to begin researching insurance agents. You might already have a connection that you’re comfortable with. This might not be your first time carrying insurance for your nonprofit, so maybe you’ll just want to […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Step 3: Identify Your ‘Things’

In Step 1, we talked about defining the activities and programs common to your nonprofit. We then, in Step 2, discussed identifying the people important to your organization. Step 3 represents the final list you’ll make around who and what is vital to the ongoing operation of your nonprofit.  In this step, you’ll take a […]