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General Liability

Nonprofits, Independent Contractors, and General Liability

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As a cost-saving move, many nonprofits pay employees as 1099 independent contractors. There are quite a few ramifications of this practice (which I’ll dive into in another post), but I want to point out one key insurance gap that is created. Under a general liability policy (and abuse and molestation liability and professional liability policies), […]

What’s the Difference between a Claims-Made and an Occurrence Policy?

I’m glad you asked! I’ll try to answer for you. My suspicion is that if you’re reading this post, then you did a very specific search and you just want an answer. You don’t need any fluff. Claims-made and occurrence policies will always refer to a feature in some kind of liability policy: professional, directors […]

The 3 Ways a General Liability Policy Protects Your Nonprofit

  General liability is a cornerstone coverage for all businesses, including nonprofits. In this post, we’ll discuss the three coverages that make up a general liability policy. Nonprofit organizations should have this policy in place as a key component to protecting and defending board members, employees, and volunteers. This protection is not for board members, […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: General Liability

This is the first installment of an occasional series based off of our nonprofit insurance team’s coverage checklist. The coverages are not necessarily in order of importance or likelihood of claim. Please consult your insurance professional (or reach out to me) to discuss your particular situation. General liability (GL) is a basic business insurance coverage. […]

What if your Klutzy Volunteer Breaks His Leg?

I’m a total klutz. If I decide to volunteer for your organization, make sure I sign a release because I’ll find something to trip over. Let’s say I did, say, accidentally gash my hand while cutting veggies for your charitable dinner. What kind of insurance might help pay for my medical bills? Workers Compensation Workers […]

You Cannot Prepare for Everything

My face was torn up with poison ivy. I helped a friend remove a tree that had fallen into his backyard, knocking out a few panels of his fence. About half-way through, I noticed the three leaves of death. The main tree (a pine) was wrapped tightly within three huge, woody trunk-like vines. Those vines […]