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Risk Management Resource: Easy Grants

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In my work with nonprofit organizations, one of the recurring themes is revenue generation and development. Essentially, nonprofit and for-profit businesses have a lot in common: They are both businesses. They both require funding to keep going. The best businesses offer goods or services that benefit people, even if only to provide entertainment. The best […]

Why Should Donors Give to ANY Nonprofit Organization?

It’s a strange question, but it’s potentially a powerful one.¬† I’m reading a sales book by John Jantsch called Duct Tape Selling (affiliate link). He encourages salespeople to challenge a potential client with the question, “Why choose anything?” (to solve the problem that the salesperson’s product solves). The normal question we (salesfolks) challenge prospects with […]

Nonprofit Risk Management Resource: The Foundation Center

One of the biggest ways to protect a nonprofit’s vision is to secure consistent and sufficient funding. The Foundation Center, based in New York, is a wonderful resource for nonprofits.. With offices in Atlanta, Washington DC, Cleveland, and San Francisco, the Foundation Center offers resources ranging from how to start a nonprofit to how to […]

Nonprofit Links to Love

Does it not seem that the Ice Bucket Challenge happened like 3 years ago already? So strange. It was an amazing viral fundraising phenomenon. My expertise isn’t fundraising or board management. but both of those efforts are absolutely vital to protecting the vision of your nonprofit. The links below hit on board retention, board’s involvement […]

Create Value to Receive Value

The more I follow blogs that are¬†popular in the nonprofit community, I can’t help but notice that most of the content is around fundraising. What I’ve realized is this: Nonprofits are as consumed with sales as for-profits are. Donor and fund development is, at its core, sales and marketing. In light of this obsession, let […]

Some Thoughts on a Thanksgivukkah Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns are extremely popular with nonprofits. And as a person who donates, gives time, and works with a bunch of nonprofits, I wanted to weigh in on a crowdfunding project I recently stumbled upon. Profile of a Cool Campaign Click on the campaign below and come back to read the rest of this post […]