Wear and Tear Can Bring Tears

But wear and tear under most normal circumstances will not bring a claim payment from the insurer. Insurance, especially property insurance, is contingent on an event or an ‘occurrence’. A roof that slowly deteriorates isn’t a claim. A hailstorm that destroys a roof is a claim. A slow deterioration of grout between tile due to […]

Claims Don’t Send an Outlook Appointment Request

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I’ve been warned that bloggers shouldn’t attempt wit in their headlines. I tried it anyway…. The point of the headline is this: Claims are unpredictable. If you could anticipate an auto accident, you’d be able to avoid it (we do this all day, but then there’s that time when we get completely blindsided). An accident […]

Psychics and Insurance

What insurance coverages do you need? I really don’t know. Typically, you’ll need the kind that will cover a claim that you will have some time in the future. That’s the tough part: Predicting claims. A psychic would make a killer insurance agent. Since most of us are a few visions short of a Nostradamus, […]