Book Review: Leaders Open Doors

Bill Treasurer just released a 2nd edition of his wonderful book ‘Leaders Open Doors’. Below is the book review I wrote in May of 2013. The new edition contains an additional epilogue of stories from influential leaders who had doors opened for them – and are out opening doors for others today.  ——————————————— In December […]

Book Review: Overcoming Fake Talk (by Having Intentional, Results-Oriented Conversations)

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The following is a book review of John R. Stoker’s new book Overcoming Fake Talk: How to Hold REAL Conversations That Create Respect, Build Relationships, and Get Results.  True confession: When I started reading this book, knowing that I’d review it, I was nervous that I’d have a hard time coming up with practical applications […]

Book Review: The Heart of Leadership

The more I work with nonprofits and the more I engage in some of the decision-making processes at my insurance agency, the more I realize this: Leadership is displayed in a wide variety of contexts, but good leaders share similar traits. The visions and missions might be different, but the stuff of a good leader […]

Book Review: Managers as Mentors

Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning is a practical guide for any leader who wants to pour into the people he or she leads. The book appeals to that part of a manager that wants to do more than make an organization or department run smoothly. It’s the part of a manager that considers […]

Leaders Open Doors

In December of 2011, I sent out an email to the entire staff of the insurance agency I work for. It wasn’t quite a Jerry Maguire manifesto, but it felt like it to me. Our agency had gone through a major change in our computer management system–one of those massive overhauls of the system that […]

Book Review: Leadership and the Art of Struggle by Steven Snyder

Leadership and the Art of Struggle represents an interesting approach and very helpful paradigm for leaders. I’ve been cramming my noggin full of leadership content via podcasts and books over the last 3 years, and I always fear a rehash of old leadership chestnuts every time I open a book. We only have so much […]