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Auto insurance

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Auto Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

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Commercial auto insurance for your nonprofit’s vehicles is a no brainer and required by law (at least liability coverage is). Either your nonprofit owns vehicles, or it doesn’t. Having insurance is one thing. Having the correct insurance to fit your needs and your risk tolerance is something else entirely. For instance, I do not allow […]

How to Cover Volunteers or Employees Who Drive Their Own Cars for Your Nonprofit

Most nonprofits have employees or volunteers who drive their own cars for the organization. It happens all the time. The volunteer runs to the store to grab donuts for the early morning work party. The employee drives to the bank to drop off that fat check from the anonymous donor who obviously is ridiculously loaded. […]

When Volunteers Drive Cars (for your nonprofit)

How many times have you done one of these: Tossed your nonprofit’s van keys to a volunteer and asked her to run to the store to pick up some supplies? Yelled across the parking lot at a volunteer and asked if he would mind running over to the pizza place to pick up some pies […]

Nonowned and Hired Auto Liability for Nonprofit Organizations

Hired and nonowned auto liability is a confusing topic for a lot of business owners, not just nonprofits. But human service nonprofits often have some additional risks that run of the mill main street businesses don’t. Unique Exposure of Nonprofits to Nonowned or Hired Auto Liability Situations Here are a few that jump to mind […]

On the Benefits of Not Texting While Driving

Reprinted from, 7/1/10 (by permission from me) Today, the Georgia ban on texting while driving went into effect. As an insurance agent, I appreciate this new law. As a person, I would be lying if I said I was never guilty.  On my way to work this morning, I had to battle my impulses […]