The Balance Needed to Protect Your Nonprofit’s Vision

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Most¬†nonprofits have to balance many, many priorities and obligations, especially if they have Medicaid contracts or contracts with the state’s Department of Family and Children Services or the Department of Juvenile Justice. Between raising funds and doing the work and protecting the people you serve and protecting the employees and volunteers who help you do […]

How to Buy Insurance for Your Nonprofit – Step 4: Research Agents

After developing your lists – your activities, your people, and your things (in insurance lingo, these are your ‘exposures), I encourage you to begin researching insurance agents. You might already have a connection that you’re comfortable with. This might not be your first time carrying insurance for your nonprofit, so maybe you’ll just want to […]

Why Nonprofit Insurance Applications are so Darn Long

If you’re a nonprofit risk manager or a small nonprofit’s executive director, you’ve been tasked with completing a long-form insurance supplemental application. Often, these applications are 12 pages long (or more). Often, they include words that don’t make any sense to you. Often, they have questions that are completely irrelevant to your operation. Often, you […]