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501c3 Insurance

Nonprofits, Independent Contractors, and General Liability

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As a cost-saving move, many nonprofits pay employees as 1099 independent contractors. There are quite a few ramifications of this practice (which I’ll dive into in another post), but I want to point out one key insurance gap that is created. Under a general liability policy (and abuse and molestation liability and professional liability policies), […]

Key Insurance Coverages for Nonprofit Residential Foster Care Providers

First of all, if you’re reading this, you probably run or help run a foster care facility of some sort. Thank you for what you do. I know that it is a fulfilling job, but it is often a thankless job. And sometimes the thanklessness of things trumps the fulfillment. Each child you care for […]

Why Nonprofits Should Consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The good thing is that most of you, if you have directors and officers liability insurance, already have employment practices liability. Nonprofit management liability policies most often include both coverages. But you should check to make sure before assuming your policy includes this key coverage The fact is, that according to Pamela Davis, CEO of Nonprofits Insurance […]

Why Your Nonprofit Can’t Have General Liability without Professional Liability Insurance

“I want general liability only. That’s all my contract requires. I don’t need professional liability.” And so begins the dance around why nonprofit organizations should have professional liability insurance. The professional liability question comes up all the time. Occasionally, there is some frustration because the nonprofit doesn’t have licensed professionals or there’s no contractual requirement from […]

Applying for Insurance as a Brand New, Volunteer-Led Nonprofit?

My insurance agency is unique in that we can handle clients that pay nearly $1,000,000 in premium while also being able to take care of brand new start-up, shoe-string budget businesses. Many of the start-up, shoe-string budget businesses happen to be nonprofits that flow through my department (there are about six agents that work with […]

How Much Time Will It Take for My Nonprofit to Get an Insurance Quote? (Part 2)

For the short answer to the question of how long it takes to get an insurance proposal, please read Part 1. Pulling back the curtain Many insurance applicants assume when they call that the commercial insurance underwriting process is as simple as it is when applying for auto or homeowners insurance. It is not. For […]