Risk Management Via R & R

My wife and I are heading off to Nashville this weekend (Oct 11-13) (please leave restaurant suggestions in the comments below).

We’ll be having a weekend to ourselves and attending the Storyline Conference put on by Mr. Donald Miller.

Belmont University is the site of the conference, and I’m pumped to attend what I hear is a powerful conference about how to be more intentional with our lives.

I recommend reading his Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story to get a little background.

Enough on the details of my weekend. I decided to include a short post about the weekend in this insurance blog for a couple reasons.

  1. Risk Management sometimes includes taking some time away.
  2. If you haven’t for a while, you should probably schedule some time away.
  3. If you’re married or otherwise have a significant other, a good risk management technique for your relationship is to take some time away – to allow for some time to reconnect.
Not Nashville, But Maybe This Is Where You Need to Go

Not Nashville, But Maybe This Is Where You Need to Go, (Photo by Horton Web Design)

Why are these things relevant to risk management?

Perhaps I just want to keep my streak of posting 3 posts a week. Or perhaps there is something to be said for taking your foot off the gas with your work and emphasizing other areas of life.

Is it healthy or good for your business for you to be so consumed that you neglect family, friends, and other important interests and relationships?

Is it good management practice to pour yourself into work that, while it does offer a sense of mission and accomplishment, doesn’t fill in the gaps that only important relationships and occasional self-care do.

Consider this a friendly suggestion to evaluate where you are, when the last time you took a few days off, and who the most important folks in your world are.

If not this weekend, consider next weekend or take out the calendar and schedule something in a couple months. Maybe go to a movie at 3:00pm one day. Do something.

In the long run, it’ll keep you a little more relaxed. And relaxation is always good risk management (not a scientific statement of course, but you get my point).

And my final point, in keeping with the theme of the conference I’m attending, we all want to live great stories. Your story includes your work with your nonprofit. Mine includes my work for people who run nonprofits. But ours also includes our relationships and the time we spend with people we love.

It’s good ‘life story risk management’ to take some extra time.

Happy Fall and Happy Weekend!

(Don’t forget to put restaurant suggestions in the comments)


  1. Steve Anderson says:

    Welcome to my town. My daughter graduated from Belmont. We live South in Franklin. Have had several friends attend storyline and said it was good.

    Restaurants downtown: The Southern (a friends son-in-law Tyler is a chef there). there are many good restaurants in the West End area (by Vandy & Belmont) so check Yelp for some other recommendations.

    If you have time to go 30 minutes South to Franklin then:

    Gray’s On Main – a new fun place
    Red Pony or Cork & Cow – on Main St and owned by the same chef
    Saffire in the Factory at Franklin.


    The best Bluegrass is at The Station Inn
    3rd & Lindlsey always has good music
    Blue Bird (Nashville TV show fame) in Green Hills – but doubt you could get in. You can check on-line.

    Hope you have a great time in Music City!

  2. Paul Dzielinski says:

    Loveless Café. Best breakfast in the area. I second the Blue Bird for intimate music. I’d check their website, my wife and I got in without too much advance notice a year or so ago.

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