Risk Management Resource: Pro Bono Legal Partnerships

Find a Pro Bono Legal Resource Near You

Most of my work is done in Georgia (although my insurance agency is licensed in most states).

One of the key elements to protecting your vision is making wise decisions and informed management choices.

The Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta has a wonderful resource page to help nonprofits navigate some of the treacherous waters around name changes, fundraising activities, and even understanding insurance choices.

Click here to access the resource page.

If you noodle around their site, there are quite a few white pages for your reading pleasure (or at least for your enrichment and edification).

Legal issues will differ by state, so if you’re not from the wonderful Peach State, do a quick Google search for your state of residence and find the appropriate resources.

This type of free content will help your nonprofit over time keep insurance costs down as you lessen the chance of making a mistake that could lead to a claim.

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