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Risk Management Resource: Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk Management Resource: Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk management goes so much further than insurance coverages.

Risk management isn’t only about managing exposures to potentially damaging risks. It’s also about managing the good risks that all organizations should be taking.

Risk isn’t a bad thing all the time.  I would even say it’s mostly a good thing.

As an insurance guy, I’d been so focused on mitigating bad risk for my nonprofit clients, that I didn’t think to encourage them to take good, wise risks in order to meet their objectives. It’s risky to serve people. But it’s really good to serve people.

Melanie Lockwood Herman and the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Ms. Herman was the first person I heard mention this softer side of risk at an insurance agents’ meeting I attended a couple years back. She is the executive director of a nonprofit enterprise risk management consultancy called the Nonprofit Risk Management Center.

It seems like an obvious idea, but it opened up a new approach to working with my clients. It wasn’t all about how to help them stay safe and all scared about the big bad claim. Insurance and other risk management strategies are about protecting people and assets so the organization can fulfill its mission… so it can take bold, yet well-informed risks.

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center offers innumerable risk management resources for nonprofits, from consulting services to publications, self-service and on-site engagements.

Just go to their site to see what they have.


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