Risk Management, One Step at a Time

Since multitasking is a myth (just Google ‘the myth of multitasking’ and you’ll realize I’m right), how about selecting one area of your nonprofit to put through the risk management wringer this week.

Here are 10 potential areas you can review (and if you need some ideas on how to do so, let me know):

1. Your Data: What info do you have on your computer? Donors? Clients? Consumers? Employees?

2. Your Volunteers: How are they protected when they work for you?

3. Your Events: What do you do at your events? Are you sure your insurance covers you for those bounce houses?

4. Your Leadership: How are you developing and selecting your board? Your executive director? Your second tier leaders?

5. Your Building: How’s the maintenance? How’s the roof? What’s the duct tape to drywall ratio?

6. Your Cars: How’s the MVR on the one guy who you let drive that 15 passenger van?

7. Your Consumers: What controls do you have in place to confirm that they won’t get injured–physically, mentally, sexually–while in your care?

8. Your Employees: They could be your key asset. How are you protecting them? How are you creating a culture that is fun and challenging for them?

9. Your Donors: What risks need to be managed there? How are you impressing your support base?

10. Your Family: Strange one, yes. But if you’re a nonprofit manager, you could be consumed with your work. Think about how to protect your personal world from yourself.

Pick one a week and review your plan to protect or manage any associated risks. Sounds fun, right? It’s not supposed to be! But it’s supposed to keep you and your organization moving forward.

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