Risk Management and Home Improvement

Grouted Floor WebRisk management is like doing a home project for the first time.

You can plan and ask tons of questions at a Home Depot class for DIYers, but until you start painting that room or laying that tile, you won’t know just exactly how paint can drip onto the carpet or furniture or splatter if you’re not careful with a roller.


Or with tile… oh lordy, I’m nearly finished with my first project. I watched what felt like 83 videos and talked to 17 people at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Floor and Decor. Until you trowel out that first load of adhesive and set the first tile, you really don’t know what’s going to happen.

Risk management includes insurance, but that’s not it. You can anticipate where your exposures to risk are (the various things that can happen to (and by) the people and things that make up your organization). But in my time in insurance, claims often come from places you just don’t expect or couldn’t dream up in your risk management plan.

Hopefully, you have something to fall back on when that happens. I wish I had an insurance policy that could redo a piece or two of my tile. 🙂

Finished Floor Web


  1. Jim Martell says:

    Great simile! And the process you describe of anticipating areas of exposure is the same mental conditioning process experts suggest for crime prevention & awareness and for coming out of a criminal encounter in the best shape possible. Nice work!

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