Psychics and Insurance

What insurance coverages do you need?

I really don’t know.

Typically, you’ll need the kind that will cover a claim that you will have some time in the future. That’s the tough part: Predicting claims.

A psychic would make a killer insurance agent.

Since most of us are a few visions short of a Nostradamus, we can only evaluate what coverage we need based on the things we KNOW we want to protect:

1. If you have people, what coverage protects or helps pay for bad things happening to the people involved in your org?
2. If you have things–buildings, equipment, cars, what coverage protects those things?
3. If you have data, what coverage protects the data or liabilities that can arise from your management of important or private data?
4. If you have income, what coverage protects that if your business grinds to a halt?
5. How about you… what are the repercussions if something horrible happens to you?

Just some things to get your brain thinking.

Protect what you know. Protect the things and people that you know are keys to your business. Don’t worry about the likelihood of a lightening strike or a car wreck or a liability claim because an employee forgot to staple down the carpet.

Talk to your agent. Have a candid discussion. If you don’t have one, feel free to drop me a note.

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