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Sunday afternoon is a great time to catch up on reading for some people. I prefer an afternoon of wings and football,

Ice Bucket Challenge Analyses

This fundraising phenomenon has elicited about a billion articles and posts analyzing, criticizing, praising, or otherwise opinionating (I know that’s not a word) on this summer ending water dumping extravaganza.

Here are a couple links to interesting posts on the topic:

Has the Ice Bucket Challenge Spawned Charity Jacking? – by Beth Kanter

The Ice Bucket Challenge Won’t Solve Charity’s Biggest Problem – by Dan Pallota, Harvard Business Review Blog

Tech and Software and All That Stuff

There are a ton of articles out there about online and mobile apps that help you be more productive. In some cases, the tools sound fun and helpful, but they can be shiny new objects to distract us.

Either way, here are some posts that might help you sift through all the tech tools and software solutions that are out there, both for nonprofits in particular and human beings in general.

6 Tech Tools that Nonprofits Should Migrate to the Cloud – by Jay Love, Bloomerang Blog

10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits – by Nonprofit Tech for Good Blog

Do Nonprofits Need to Worry about Data Breach Lawsuits – by Brett Cohrs (yes, me), on this blog

What About You?

Did you run into any particularly helpful blog posts this week?

Or if you have one that you write… feel free to drop it in the comments.

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