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Does it not seem that the Ice Bucket Challenge happened like 3 years ago already? So strange. It was an amazing viral fundraising phenomenon.

My expertise isn’t fundraising or board management. but both of those efforts are absolutely vital to protecting the vision of your nonprofit. The links below hit on board retention, board’s involvement in fundraising, and innovation. Creating a culture where innovation is expected and appreciated is also an important part of protecting a nonprofit’s vision.

It’s not important to raise funds and maintain high quality leadership, it’s also important to be aware of new opportunities or methods to accomplish an organization’s goals and mission.

Without further ado, click away and please leave your own favorite article links in the comments.

Here is a digest of links for your weekend reading.

Five Constraints That Help Me Innovate by Sina Mossayeb –

Board Retention: Tips to Try (part 2 of 2) – Emily Davis Consulting

[VIDEO] Getting Your Board To Fundraise – BloomerangTech Blog

The Ice Bucket Challenge Won’t Solve Charity’s Biggest Problem – Dan Pallotta, Harvard Business Blog

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