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May I be honest with you?

My tagline, “Helping You Protect Your Vision,” is intentionally vague.

Obviously, insurance helps you protect the operations, people, and property that are necessary to accomplishing your mission as a nonprofit or a for-profit human services corporation.

The truth is that risk hides in all kinds of places. It hides in poor electrical work. It hides in poor accounting work. It hides in poor screening of employees and volunteers. It hides in reckless fundraising or lazy social media practices.

Protecting your vision is a part of everything you do.  The links I share are an acknowledgement that it’s not all about insurance. It’s about donor relations. It’s about board management. It’s about proper cyber and data risk management. Sometimes, it’s simply about being nice, courteous, and conscientious.

Here goes…

Links from the Interwebz and blogosphere that you might find helpful

Shellshock Bash Bug – Security Advisory  (Bloomerang) – Data breaches aren’t reserved for the Home Depots and Targets of the world. Always be vigilant.

15 Questions Nonprofit Boards Need to Answer (Cause & Effect – Gayle Gifford)  – It’s always good to take a step back and ask the hard and important questions.

3 Rules for Thanking Nonprofit Donors that Should Never Be Broken (Claire Axelrod) – Ms. Axelrod’s post is actually wonderful advice for sales organizations.

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