An Insurance Post on Memorial Weekend NOT about Grilling Safety…

…or 5 ways to keep your home safe and claims free during Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day and Insurance Blogs

In all honesty, 3 day weekends are an incredible opportunity for insurance bloggers – your favorite type of blogger, no doubt.

We could discuss how to keep your home safe from opportunistic thieves and neighborhood hoodlums while you scoot out for a couple days or relaxation.

We could discuss the importance of driver safety as you head to your favorite mountain or beach getaway.

We could talk about the best way to dump your coals after that Monday grilling session.

We could talk about the liability issues about feeding Uncle Bill too many light beers before he drives home to start his four day work week.

But I’m not going to do that. After all, my focus isn’t personal insurance. I’m a commercial insurance guy who worries more about small businesses. In particular, I am concerned with nonprofits and social service organizations (some of these are for-profit now).


So what might be relevant to my audience this weekend?

Since it’s Memorial Day, I could write a ‘Thank You’ post to veterans and to families. Thank you to the men and women who have given their lives out of duty and commitment to their country.

I have a few friends who are military chaplains. They are charged with delivering bad news to the families of soldiers. And they are tasked with counseling families who have to deal with the difficulties of deployment, whether the soldier physically dies in battle or not. It’s given me some slight insight into the challenge of military service.

Military service is the ultimate ‘skin in the game’ profession.

If I go on a business trip, I’m home in a few days. If a soldier goes on a business trip, she might be home in 9 months. Maybe never. I can’t fathom that.

So Thank You. If you’ve served, are serving, or have a family member who has served. especially if that family member is no longer with us.

One More Thank You

Yesterday, I was at a meeting with a lot of Atlanta area nonprofits.

It was amazing how many of these nonprofit organizations are either adding a service component for homeless veterans or are completely dedicated to serving the needs of veterans. Homelessness, mental and physical health issues, and unemployment are all issues that are being addressed for this community.

This is a community of veterans who are still alive, but who, nonetheless, have experience some of the side-effects and perils of deployment.  It is hard work that requires an organization to come alongside men and women who desperately need deep support.

Thank you to the organizations that serve. Thank you to those they serve.

May we all enjoy the weekend. May we all be safe while we do so. And may we all remember, be thankful, and give what we can, where we can, to make good on the sacrifices.



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