Managing the Risk of Twin Boys (Who Turn 6 Today): A Happy Birthday Post

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Having twin boys has been a blast.  But it has flirted with been destructive.

Books weren’t only to be read, they were to be dissected… literally.

Baby-proofed drawers didn’t represent boundaries, but challenges.

Riding toys weren’t to sit on and scoot around the room. They were for standing on in order to reach the thing on the shelf that was put on the shelf specifically so they couldn’t get it.

Here are a few of my favorite Sam and Jake stories, to celebrate their 6th birthday:

The Zip Line

One day, my wife snuck a picture of them. I wish I could post it here, but I’ll try to explain. They had one end of a tape measure tied to a bookend high up on a bookshelf. The other end was wrapped around a dining room chair across the room.

One of my sons had a coat hanger hooked around the tape measure up on a chair, about to launch down this DIY zipline. No human children were injured in the attempts.

The Nook App Purchase Attempt

Another time, my wife couldn’t find Jake and Sam. After searching frantically, she discovered them in the garage, in her car. They had their Nook tablet readers and what they thought was a credit card, in an ill-advised attempt to purchase an app.  They dove for the floor of the car as soon as they caught sight of Mom catching them in their embezzlement attempt.

They had my wife’s Sunday School ID Card (good risk management, by the way – they never let the kids out of the Sunday School class unless we have our cards).  We didn’t have to reverse charges, thankfully.

Little Readers

Little Readers

The YouTube Reading Method

I joke about how our greatest parenting feat came from a parenting fail. As we all know, too much time in front of screens isn’t the best. That said, giving your children a stack of Dr. Seuss books and a laptop can actually teach them to read.

My sons would type in the name of the book in the YouTube search bar. Up would pop some sweet teacher or parent or grandparent reading the Dr. Seuss book. Over time, both boys learned to read. They were 3 1/2 or so and learned to read simply with Hop On Pop open while watching YouTube.

Often our best plans have unintended and devastating consequences. In this instance, our misuse of technology resulted in unintended positive consequences. The boys are in kindergarten and reading chapter books (sorry to you nonparents and parents for what probably sounds like obnoxious bragging).

Happy Birthday Boys!

Despite the ziplining, the attempts at extortion, and the addiction to YouTube, you have turned out to be wonderfully sweet, smart, and kind 6 year olds. While I’m happy to keep you and your sister at your sweet young ages, I’m also excited about what and who you are becoming.

I’m so glad you are my sons! I love you and am thankful to be your ‘risk manager’ Dad. I know your Mom is just as thankful!


  1. Father Luis says:

    God’s Blessing on your sons as you celebrate thier birthdays.
    Enjoy gods gift to you ..Father Luis

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