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Quit (Strategically)

Quit (Strategically)

I’ve been diving deep into this idea of strategic quitting.

Today, I got an email regarding a billing issue from one of my clients. While I know I can research and figure out the answer, I also know that I should not do it.

My value is not in looking up billing information. My value is learning insurance coverage and structuring insurance packages to help my clients protect their visions and missions.

Billing information is vital, and can really make or break a client relationship, but there are people much better than I at researching and providing the answers.

Where do you bring the most value?

How can you stop doing the things that hinder you? Even if you can’t stop doing those things now (I get it – some of us don’t have the luxury of a staff or even an assistant), can you at least identify the things you would love to unload as soon as possible?

I recommend walking through Chris Ducker’s ‘Three Lists to Freedom’ exercise. He has literally written the book on freeing oneself up to do ones absolute best work.

His exercise is a great place to start identifying the things you need to quit doing so you can excel at the things that only you can do.

Think through where you bring the most value to your nonprofit. What are some of the key roles that only you can play? What are the core problems that you are the best at solving? Start filtering and quitting the things that do not facilitate your bringing your best value to the table…

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What are you doing, right now, that you should stop doing?

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