In Appreciation of the American Worker

Recently, I made a commitment to post on this blog for two months every single day.

It’s more of a discipline thing than it is a feeling that my readers must have and demand more content. As a matter of fact, I run the risk of alienating one or three of them with this flurry of posts.

Since we are all in process as human beings and as American career-minded folk, you probably understand the idea of developing new skills or strengthening discipline.

This effort over the next two months is all about learning to be a better writer and to force myself to listen to my clients and others. It’s in the consistent listening to questions and fleshing out of answers that we become better at serving the folks we intend to serve.  I hope to not only become a better writer, but a better worker.

What does blogging daily have to do with the American worker?

There’s only a weak connection – my goal is to create consistent value (and learn what value needs to be created – that people actually care about). The American Worker has been less about the actual work – the actual activity – but more about value creation.

Nothing impresses me more than the person who shows up everyday and does her job well. That person who brings himself to his work and serves his family, his employer, and his customer every single day is worthy of some sort of honor.

While there are some messy beginnings to the Labor Day holiday, it doesn’t change the fact that part of what makes this nation strong is plain old daily hard work. Whether it be white collar or blue collar, nonprofit or for-profit our work is powerful. It’s where we can create. It’s where we can serve others. It’s where we can build and provide.

A person’s ability to use his mind and his hands to create value for someone else or for a cause is part of what separates us from the rest of the creatures running around this planet.  It is quite worth celebrating, even to the point of taking a day off.

Happy Labor Day!

So, Mr. or Ms. Worker, I hope you enjoy your Labor Day.  You deserve it – you and all your value creation.


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