On Veterans Day: In Appreciation of Paid Volunteers

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11th, regardless of what day that is.  The date is significant because it represents the day, in 1918, that the fighting ceased in World War I.

It was hoped that that date would represent the end of all wars. At that time, no one could imagine a worse conflict.

Alas, we’ve had several since then, and as these conflicts came and went, Armistice Day (its original name) became known as Veterans Day, a day to celebrate the service of men and women in our military.

These days, our military is made up of paid volunteers.  Despite the dangers and the fact that you are, more or less, guaranteed a tour of duty somewhere that is not safe, men and women sign up. They go through ROTC. They serve.

Sure there are some benefits. One of my buddies who is a Chaplain in the Army will, on occasion, jokingly brag about the benefits. But he’s earned them.

Any of you who happen to read this and who serve or who are related to anybody who serves, God bless you and thank you. I know it’s not always easy and sometimes it’s downright heartbreaking.

We civilians don’t really get it. And sometimes we just pop out a few holidays a year to say anything.

Thank you for putting your names, and lives, on the dotted line.

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