How to Be the Best in the World

My favorite part of Steve Jobs’ biography is when he returns as Apple’s CEO and pares the product line down to 4 products.

By stripping down the options, he focused the energy on being world class in each of those products.

Being the best in the world is less about being, overall, the best, brightest, smartest, most influential, in a zillion categories. Primarily, being the best in the world is about clearly defining what ‘world’ means and then conquering it.

Be crystal clear on what your sphere of influence is and then get to work on being the best influence you can possibly be.

To use my own profession, let’s see how this breaks down. Were I to attempt to be the best insurance agent in the world, I don’t know where I’d start.

But if I decided that the ‘world’ means nonprofit insurance, or even nonprofit insurance for the Metro Atlanta area, or even nonprofit insurance for residential treatment facilities in Metro Atlanta, then I have a chance to be the absolute best in that tiny little world.

The lesson here is this: You might not be able to conquer the whole physical planet earth for your cause, but you can be the best in the world, however you define your world.

You might not feel the reverberations of your impact, but I guarantee there’s someone in your world who does and who knows what that someone will do with the impact you made on her or his life.

*I’m rereading Seth Godin’s book ‘The Dip’. This idea of being the ‘best in the world’ was totally stolen from Mr. Godin.

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