How Insurance Makes You Magnetic

A good man (or woman) is hard to find. Not the spouse kind of good woman or man (although that’s no simple task either). I’m talking about a good board member. A good volunteer. A good employee. Even a good donor. Good people who want to make a difference and don’t just want a job or a position to beef up a resume or status in the community. These people aren’t motivated by money. Most nonprofits and social service organizations don’t have a back closet with stacks of cash bags with money signs on them anyway. They aren’t motivated by moving up a corporate ladder, although they might be motivated by improving themselves and contributing their best ideas to move the organization’s mission forward.

Good people can be characterized by…

  • Putting the organization ahead of their own agenda
  • Contributing to the cause, not just getting a check
  • Participating with others to solve problems
  • Developing new ideas
  • Caring about the same population that you care about

It’s good to have these people on the rolls. While I realize what I’m about to say might be stretching the appeal of a quality insurance program, I believe wholeheartedly that taking care in this risk management and insurance area will help you attract the right type of people.

A few reasons for my bold assertion:

  1. If you got good insurance, you got good risk management. Your operation is probably well-run.
  2. If you got good insurance, you can protect the people who give their blood, sweat, and tears on your behalf. Being protected is an attractive thing.
  3. If you got good insurance, you probably care a lot about your clients. That’s a mission worth getting on board with.
  4. If you got good insurance, you have a business plan. That’s attractive.
  5. If you got good insurance, you might, maybe, perchance, have a quality disaster response plan – you do, right?

All of these things, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, can help attract some folks to your organization. Or you can feel free to highlight your coverage as a selling point to prospective people. If you’d like to converse about these types of issues. I got plenty of ideas for you. You can connect with me at the following locations: Email: Facebook (like me): Brett Cohrs, Insurance Services for Nonprofits LinkedIn: Brett Cohrs Twitter: @BrettCohrs And you can sign up to receive updated posts in the upper right hand corner. If you happen to connect with me in any of these places, let me know how you found me.

What are your best methods for attracting quality people to your organization?


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