Creating a Culture of Care

Nonprofits are businesses on a mission, usually driven by a heart to care for people, a cause, or some type of non-human creature.

The nonprofit might be a conduit of funds, a hands-on mental health provider, a school, a sports organization, or an arts and culture organization, but at the core, there is a deep passion for the nonprofit’s target mission.

One question that all nonprofit leaders or risk managers should ask is this:

How can we strengthen our core culture of care?

Here’s a process to help you start answering this question, especially as it relates to the people within your organization:

1. List the people who are vital to your mission.

2. Consider what you are doing to protect them from physical, financial, or other harm.

3. Consider what you are doing to help them actually thrive and grow – whether employee, volunteer, client, or leader.

4. Create systems to protect them via safety protocols, process best practices, and insurance options.

5. Look for ways to help your key stakeholders reach their goals and grow in their core competencies.

Creating a Culture of Care in Your Organization

Think about one of your worst jobs. What would it have been like if your manager came to you and said this, “We would like to accomplish not only our organizational goals, but we’d also love to help you achieve your personal goals. What about your work excites you most right now and how can we help?

How powerful would that have been?

In my little way, I try to use insurance as a tool not only to protect assets but also  to bring up questions about best practices that create greater stability and basis for an organization’s growth.

Take some time to think through your mission and vision as a nonprofit. Apply those goals to the people who are actually inside your organization – your employees, volunteers, and board members. It’s been said that if you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers, and your customers will take care of the numbers.

A culture of care that starts from the inside out will sustain itself over the long haul.  That culture of care will bleed into everything you do. When employees and volunteers are happy, your clients will be better served and your mission will move forward more effectively.

What are your thoughts?

What is something you can do to apply your nonprofit’s mission to your organization’s employees to create a build a culture of care?

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