Countdown to Thanksgiving

It’s fun working with a variety of nonprofit and for profit human (and animal) service organizations.

I considered taking a few posts over the next week and linking to some of my clients, but I don’t want to leave folks out.

If you find this little website because you’re mystified by insurance for your nonprofit, today I would just like to say ‘Thank you’.

Here are 10 reasons why I appreciate you and your leadership in the nonprofit world:

  1. You are committed to a cause
  2. You often have to do work because nobody else will do it
  3. You are sometimes underappreciated
  4. You spend your world pouring into others and sometimes you never get to see the positive results
  5. You work late nights
  6. You work early mornings
  7. You serve people who are hardly ever served by anybody
  8. You do tons with tiny budgets
  9. You have to be a vision caster, a mission manager, and an accountant, sometimes all at the same time.
  10. You love people, but sometimes you just need a break and I get it! You deserve it.
  11. You help create change.

I’m grateful that you pour into your organizations, your employees, your clients (or consumers or residents or rescued animals).

God bless you.

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