Insurance is for things we can’t predict: The weather People Our health The legal climate Storms, dumb decisions (or interpersonal conflicts that squeeze out the worst in us), the random disease that no one saw coming, or a jury of our peers or some new statue (which, I suppose, goes back to the unpredictability of […]

Nonprofit Risk Management Resource: The Foundation Center

One of the biggest ways to protect a nonprofit’s vision is to secure consistent and sufficient funding. The Foundation Center, based in New York, is a wonderful resource for nonprofits.. With offices in Atlanta, Washington DC, Cleveland, and San Francisco, the Foundation Center offers resources ranging from how to start a nonprofit to how to […]

Risk Management Resource: Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk management goes so much further than insurance coverages. Risk management isn’t only about managing exposures to potentially damaging risks. It’s also about managing the good risks that all organizations should be taking. Risk isn’t a bad thing all the time.  I would even say it’s mostly a good thing. As an insurance guy, I’d […]

Wear and Tear Can Bring Tears

But wear and tear under most normal circumstances will not bring a claim payment from the insurer. Insurance, especially property insurance, is contingent on an event or an ‘occurrence’. A roof that slowly deteriorates isn’t a claim. A hailstorm that destroys a roof is a claim. A slow deterioration of grout between tile due to […]

Risk Management Resource: Pro Bono Legal Partnerships

Find a Pro Bono Legal Resource Near You Most of my work is done in Georgia (although my insurance agency is licensed in most states). One of the key elements to protecting your vision is making wise decisions and informed management choices. The Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta has a wonderful resource page to help […]

Risk Management Resource: Your Insurance Application

If you are a nonprofit or for profit human services organization, you will more than likely have to go through an elaborate application process. If you’re been placed with one of the popular insurance markets for nonprofits, you’ve stared at an insurance application that is at least 6 pages long, sometimes up to 20 pages […]