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Nonprofit Insurance Checklist

5 Tips for Reading (and Understanding) Your Nonprofit D&O Policy

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Need a D&O quote for your nonprofit? Click here to get started.  When was the last time you read your insurance policies? When was the last time you started reading your insurance policies only to give up in frustration? Since you drew the short straw and have been chosen ‘insurance guru’ of your nonprofit, it behooves you […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Auto Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

Commercial auto insurance for your nonprofit’s vehicles is a no brainer and required by law (at least liability coverage is). Either your nonprofit owns vehicles, or it doesn’t. Having insurance is one thing. Having the correct insurance to fit your needs and your risk tolerance is something else entirely. For instance, I do not allow […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Social Service Professional Liability

One very interesting coverage that is important to most service-based nonprofits is professional liability. Professional liability is errors and omissions liability regarding any services provided by the nonprofit to its clients, consumers, students, or patients. I understand that ‘interesting’ is a relative term. As an insurance fellow, I reserve the right to call coverages interesting. […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Computers and Data

Many of our clients understand general liability and property insurance. They get the broad brushstrokes: Property insurance covers the stuff we own if there’s a fire, windstorm, theft, a suburban deer loose in our warehouse, etc. General liability provides us defense and claims payment funds if we are accused of or found negligent for bodily […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Business Personal Property & Business Income

In this checklist post, we’ll look at the importance of covering your business personal property along with addressing the business income and extra expense coverage (if that phrase is foreign to you, sit tight… we’ll get there). For the checklist post about real property or building insurance, click here. Business Personal Property Identifying Your Stuff […]

Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Property Insurance – Your Real Property (fancy for ‘buildings’)

This post is part of an occasional series that walks through our nonprofit insurance checklist. If you’d like to go through the checklist yourself, I’m happy to send you a copy or schedule some time on the phone.  As a second career insurance man (meaning simply that I was formerly a liberal arts trained minister and […]