Risk is Good

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Sometimes we insurance agents focus on potential dangers, hazards, risks, and exposures to loss way too much. It’s our job and you hire us to do just that, but we can lose focus on greater issues by focusing simply on possible losses. I was in an insurance company’s agent advisory council meeting some time ago […]

Why Nonprofit Boards Should Consider General or Professional Liability (at least)

One of the biggest misconceptions¬†in insurance for nonprofits is this: The directors and officers are fully covered by a directors and officers liability policy. Here are examples of types of claims excluded under a D&O policy: Bodily injury claims Property damage claims Errors and omissions claims (i.e. professional liability claims for counseling, mentoring, case management, […]

Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Insurance

A nonprofit’s insurance program needs a quality board. And a quality board needs a quality insurance program. Here are a few observations from my discussions with nonprofits: Board members are extremely paranoid. Board members are not at all paranoid Board members don’t mind spending money if they perceive value Board members select the cheapest option, […]