For All Moms and Those Who Serve as Moms…

Thank you. You worry more than you technically need to. But you can’t help it. You do more than you need to. But you can’t help it. You let yourself fall down too far on your own list of priorities. But you can’t help it. You volunteer. You fret. You make plans for fun stuff. […]

Nonprofit Risk Management Resource: Hasselhoff, Sizzler, and Laughter

For a break in my normal programming… There are other lessons I could pull from these two videos, but even I, as an insurance pro, is not always in the mood to identify and break down risks.   If I had to pinpoint one risk between the two of them, it is the risk of being […]

Taking the Guesswork Out of Risk Management

We definitely have to factor likelihood of various scenarios happening. If you don’t have a car, then you don’t need auto insurance. If you’re not on a fault line, you might not necessarily need to add earthquake insurance (probably). And we all have budgets. You’d be dumb to spend every penny you have on insurance. […]

What Do You Want Your Insurance To Do For You?

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  Let me guess… Pay claims when called upon to do so. Be inexpensive. Be easily understood. Be simple to deal with. Those four are universal desires from my insurance clients. But let’s dig a little deeper and take those four off the table.  What do you want your insurance program to do for you? Why buy insurance […]

A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization?

  A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization?  Have you ever stepped back from your work and decided to slay all sacred cows? If you were tasked to kill all programs and processes and start from scratch, which programs would you resurrect? Which activities truly serve your mission and vision? For that matter, which […]

The Importance of Screening Employees and Volunteers

Hire Slow, Fire Fast One of the biggest struggles for any business, much less nonprofit organizations, is finding quality employees and volunteers. This difficulty can result in cutting corners during the hiring process. One of my favorite principles is ‘hire slow, fire fast.’ Nowhere is this principle more useful than with human service nonprofits. Your nonprofit […]