Do Nonprofits Need to Worry About Data Breach Lawsuits?

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  I hate when people worry about anything. My advice to you: Don’t worry about data breach lawsuits.  That’s just wasted energy. But you should take precautions, and you shouldn’t file the idea of a data breach lawsuit into the ‘That Won’t Happen To Me’ storage box and put it up in the attic. Data […]

Claims Don’t Send an Outlook Appointment Request

I’ve been warned that bloggers shouldn’t attempt wit in their headlines. I tried it anyway…. The point of the headline is this: Claims are unpredictable. If you could anticipate an auto accident, you’d be able to avoid it (we do this all day, but then there’s that time when we get completely blindsided). An accident […]

Health Insurance and Obamacare for Beginners: What Has Changed?

I’m not a health insurance expert, but given that the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare has been dominating insurance conversation and given that I’ve gotten some feedback from readers on it, I thought I should address some basics. A lot has changed, and I’ll only be touching on a tip of the tip of the […]

Texting and Driving and Forever

This is a powerful short documentary. Is it possible for us to think back to 1990-something?  When somehow we made it to meetings and on trips without having to update folks on our exact whereabouts or our every thought? Since I can’t bring myself to say ‘I’, I’ll say ‘we’.  Is anything we have to […]

Monkeying Around with Playground Equipment

I have to edit myself when I write about lawsuits and insurance claims situations. An insurance blog is not the place to be snarky and pass judgment on plaintiffs or defendants. When I comment on cases, I realize I’m not privy to all the facts. Claims stories are simply give an opportunity to highlight insurance coverages that might help you and […]