Why Nonprofit Boards Should Consider General or Professional Liability (at least)

One of the biggest misconceptions in insurance for nonprofits is this: The directors and officers are fully covered by a directors and officers liability policy. Here are examples of types of claims excluded under a D&O policy: Bodily injury claims Property damage claims Errors and omissions claims (i.e. professional liability claims for counseling, mentoring, case management, […]

Volunteers and Professional and Abuse and Molestation Liability

Do you know if your volunteers have coverage under your abuse and molestation liability policy? How about your professional liability policy? Do you have either or both policies in place? General Liability vs. Professional Liability or Abuse & Molestation Liability One of the unique characteristics of a nonprofit liability insurance program is that nearly every […]

What if your Klutzy Volunteer Breaks His Leg?

I’m a total klutz. If I decide to volunteer for your organization, make sure I sign a release because I’ll find something to trip over. Let’s say I did, say, accidentally gash my hand while cutting veggies for your charitable dinner. What kind of insurance might help pay for my medical bills? Workers Compensation Workers […]

Volunteers and General Liability Insurance

If you are a nonprofit, you most likely depend on the kindness of volunteers to make your organization strong. I personally sit on the board of small nonprofit. I sometimes help teach children at my church. I give to a few organizations.  It’s important to know how those to whom I’m offering my time and […]

Who is Covered under Your Nonprofit General Liability Insurance?

An installment in an occasional series on some meatier insurance topics There are many mysteries that surround a standard general liability insurance policy as it relates to nonprofits. Mysteries that many do not want to discover, yet might make or break an organization should a claim pop up. It’s especially important for nonprofit and social service […]